5 features to grow your app installs

Whether you’re an app owner, building your app or planning to get an app built, you must know that building it is just a small part, and unless it reaches your target audience it is as good as not built! You need to think about app downloads, sharing, and discovery of your app. We at Technocube, being in the industry for several years have helped several of our customers build and distribute their apps. Based on our experience here are some of the best practices that you should definitely take a look

  • App indexing and deep linking – Search is one of the best ways to reach out to prospective users. People search looking for solutions. Generally, a click on the search result takes you to the specific page on the website. This sounds very common for the website but its not very common that clicking on results takes you directly to the inside screen of the app. If you configure your app for deep linking and then submit those link to the google for app indexing then it helps in better search ranking, easy discovery and more downloads of the app.

  • Content sharing – Website content was easy to share. Anyone having the web browser will be able to view the site pages. However, we don�t share the content from the apps, part of the reason is the link which is generated does not necessarily be platform agnostic means a link may open an android app but not an iOS app. There are different platforms and each has their own conventions for the links. So if your have shareable content then generating a link which opens on iOS, Android and browser add virality as well as solves the problem of broken links on different platforms. One good application to easily achieve this is branch.io.

  • Refer a friend – It is one of the best possible, that peers of the user of your app will be your prospective user. If you want your user to share the app with your friends then you need to ensure your app ensures the perfect experience to its user. I am sure while app development you will ensure that experience of your app be perfect but don�t forget to give incentive to your user for referring your app. Incentive and easy sharing add much more possibility of earning user referrals from your user. Also, it gives you a good reason to remind the user to share the app and earn rewards!
  • Event tracking – You may have developed an app full of the specification and created your product story but tracking events what users are doing give you brilliant insight on what people are using most and same features could be communicated loudly to attract more users. Feature optimization is certainly one of the results but crafting a right marketing message can bring more app downloads. To achieve this either you can add hooks for each event or one good application to this is mixpanel.

  • Engagement metrics – You send the push notification, add new features, run a new promotional campaign or contest on your app but you must also gauge the engagement it generates among its user. Measure open rates of your notification, the track number of user opening that notification is then performing actions which you intend them to do. How many are successfully able to perform those acts, and who are dropping in between. Create a funnel. Mixpanel will also help you do this.
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