Why brilliant idea fail to take off

Brilliant idea and big market doesn’t guarantee success. Sometime it’s money, people or the founders misunderstanding. Having said that we are thankful that we had initially outsourced our marketing department as there was the little experience of marketing. In fact, we had little experience of running a tech firm as well but we were still having a view about it. We can’t stress enough how good it worked out for us as handling the tech team and establishing a service delivery model itself needed so much of effort that adding marketing to it would have been too much to juggle and it may have led us to disaster.
Similarly, we believe there are companies who have a brilliant understanding of the market, marketing and sales. For these companies, we feel we can bring the same result as our marketing partners did to us. We can provide expertise which would help the company build the optimized and scalable application for mobile as well as the web. We could play the crucial role of CTO or as an extended team to your tech leader.
Having said that what we see the benefit in outsourcing technology is not just the technical expertise but it also means you don’t have to deal with the issues which come along with the team. I am mentioning some of the challenges which are faced initially by the tech team:

  • It takes time to build personal rapport between the team members
  • Different programming background though having strong technical knowledge will need some time to attain synergy
  • Setting up development environments could take time apart from that they won’t be any code library to work on
  • Right technology selection instead of biases towards a particular language
  •  Lesser planning and inaccurate time estimation

Choosing a right technology partner and outsourcing your web or mobile application development project help you go the market at the earliest. Also, the involvement of experienced team will guide you in selecting best features and functionality.
And if you need someone to discuss an idea or even for a simple chat on technology and otherwise then do visit out site www.technocube.co and let us know your contact details. We are a bunch of passionate coders and designers who would love to talk to you.

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