5 reasons for e-learning adoption

e-learning adoption is on rise

1. Learning lessons are interactive:

Learning need not be boring and e-learning platforms are just breaking this pattern of instructional training with an animated video where lessons are being taught as a story. Stories which are both content-rich as well as engaging. In combination with the interactive test, it increases the retention of concept.

2. Supports Curiosity :

With the virtual interactive labs one can easily perform practicals and get the same experience as one gets in the actual lab. However one doesn’t have to worry about burning their hand or burning down your labs by adding the wrong combination of chemicals. You can perform as many tests as you want without instructors nasty glares.

3. Breaking resource barrier:

E-learning has made knowledge accessible to all. It doesn’t need huge infrastructure setup which adds the cost. All that is needed is quality content which is optimized to be delivered through the internet and can be easily accessed on desktop, phone or tablets. What more everyone can even perform practicals individually in a virtual environment through their devices.

4.Updated content always :

Updating content are easy and quick. Either with the easy authoring tool one can create learning materials by drag and drop editors or through the configurable e-learning templates, all you need to do is change the XML or similar file. It helps in delivering latest and relevant content to the learners at the earliest. Likewise, a test is configurable for each time easily.

5.Anytime anywhere access:

With most of the learning platforms available on all the device desktop, tab, and home. Learning is possible pretty much everywhere and anywhere. This is really helpful even for professionals to just log in and learns at their convenience. Even corporate understand this and hence adopting it within their organizations.
The rise of smartphones, tablets, and faster internet along with new age front-end technologies such as HTML5 and javascript libraries which supports complex animations with minimum hardware requirement are contributing to the elegant e-learning solutions.

We at TechcnoCube [www.technocube.co] have developed e-learning solutions for some of the best education companies and we realize that with the evolved frontend technologies it’s going to get much better. Do let us know how you see the contribution of technology in enhancing the quality of education.

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